A mother in the world of Influencers : Sneha Yadav

A mother in the world of Influencers : Sneha Yadav

Passionate Dreamer Living her Life. Lets get to know Sneha More.
1: Describe Yourself ?
A mother of 2 years old, who works from home and doing a little contribution to the society by sharing personal experiences that influence people in a little way and that makes me call myself an influencer 🙂

2: What is the best thing about being an influencer?
“I have got this from you.”
“I started blogging because of you.”
“You are doing a great job.”
“You are an inspiration.”
When I get to hear these, the best thing about being an influencer.

3: What is the worst thing about being an influencer?
Really can’t find one. I really find this field so apt for me. I like expressing myself and where else would I have done it better than here?

4: What is the best collaboration that you have done with a brand?
The ones that have paid me well 😋

5: What would you do if you didn’t work as an influencer?
I would have ended up in depression. There is a story behind the start of ‘Sinnustories’. 🥰

6: What was your journey like to becoming an Influencer & Model?
I got married in 2014 and was asked to leave my job by my in laws.
But me being a person who can’t sit at home and waste my energy decided to do something and here it was. So after one year of honeymoon period and starting with my depression it was 2016 when I started blogging as a Food blogger and discontinued in 2017 because I conceived. Thou I was posting about my pregnancy.
Post that I resumed as an influencer in 2018, this time as Mom & Lifestyle blogger. I renamed my blog page from ‘delhiite foodie blogger’ to ‘Sinnu Stories.’
Sinnu being my nick name. 💞
The actual journey started from here…

7: If you got an offer from Bollywood ? What will be your take on it?
Are u considering me a star kid?

8: Fashion to you is?
A comfortable place! Being yourself on purpose.

9: Who can be your perfect match for a relationship? Or What kind of a Man do you look for to spend your life with?
Already married to my kind of a man. 🤗

10: Whats your future plans in regards to this field?
I am still figuring out.

Links : https://www.instagram.com/sinnustories/