From an Engineer to a Garba Academy Founder : Alpesh Rawal

From an Engineer to a Garba Academy Founder : Alpesh Rawal

Alpesh Rawal, an engineer and MBA passed out working for a long time in the corporate world. Even though he had a secured job, there seemed to be something missing. Something major and which was close to him. His job led to immense restlessness and loss of his creative zest. He wasn’t really satisfied with his job and so he decided to quit the corporate world and pursue what he was and still is passionate about Garba. 

Alpesh along with his friend started a garba academy- Nav9Rang. They started with this new journey of excitement 3 years ago and have been teaching Garba to students across the country. They are also Certified trainers of  Power Garba Fitness  where they combine Fitness with Garba beats. Interesting and fun, isn’t it?

Recently they have launched a talk show GhupShup with Nav9Rang where they invite prominent personalities to talk and share their immense knowledge with our students in live interviews. Their inspiring and motivating words have inspired the mass largely. 

When they began with their academy, the payoffs weren’t anything compared to the amount of efforts they were putting in. It wasn’t easy for them to flourish and win competitions considering how their competitors did not want them to grow. But their determination and they willingness to grow was enough for them to not give up and keep working. Quoting Alpesh; “There was immense envy by our fellow competitors since they did not want us to flourish. But that did not barge us in any way. We were determined to grow and make the Gujarati Folk Dance Culture known worldwide.” It’s inspiring to witness someone who has been so passionate and determined to make one of the most prominent dance cultures grow on a global level. 

Alpesh and his mate wanted to keep their Academy economically affordable for those aspirants who wanted to learn and grow in the field of Garba. Their sole purpose was to make sure that the ones who wanted to learn could enrol and learn Garba at an affordable price. We need more people like Alpesh who is willing to teach at a minimal fee and work hard to flourish the Gujarati folk dance culture. 

From an Engineer to a Garba Academy Founder : Alpesh Rawal

During their period of growing the academy, Alpesh knew that there was a need to put in PR efforts and investment for branding. They started working effortlessly for the same. There was nothing that seemingly stopped them from growing. The academy also made sure that anyone can enrol with them irrespective of their background. Whether it’s a 16 years old or a 60 years old, anyone could enrol in their academy and that seemed to be really catchy among the masses. 

Through their hard work and the most catchy thing i.e. open enrolment created a niche in the market. Not only they are the most known brand, they are one respectful brand in the market. They also make sure that during the Navratri festival, they all play together without any constraints. The true mentors and teachers are the ones who make their students feel like a family and Alpesh and his partner are doing just the same. 

They have a vision of expanding their academy on a global level and getting assignments for television and film choreography. They also want to expand their community by doing workshops that are beyond Garba and create IP’s. 

Upon being asked how the upcoming entrepreneurs can start and sustain in the business they want to start, his words are truly motivating and inspiring, “Make consistent efforts. You don’t receive payoffs overnight. Invest in good talent and partners. Don’t let someone bring you down or demotivate you. If you want to grow and flourish your business, be strong and don’t give up. Keep growing and have a vision of what and how you want your company to be and there’s no force that can stop you from achieving the same.”

Along with being an entrepreneur, Alpesh is also an Instagram travel and lifestyle influencer. We’ve heard a lot about mom bloggers, but a fad blogger practically does not exist in the Instagram world. Alpesh is a dad blogger and his journey as an influencer and an entrepreneur has been a roller coaster. His love and passion for influencing and Garba can be seen by witnessing how hardworking and dedicated Alpesh is. It isn’t easy for one to handle ones influencing as well as entrepreneur life, but Alpesh here sets an example for many today. He says, “I’ve been fond of Garba and being an influencer just came along. I never thought I’d indulge myself into the social world so much but the kind of happiness and satisfaction being an influencer gave me was something I did not feel like letting go. It’s not easy but it isn’t impossible either. If you’re dedicated and motivated there’s nothing that can stop you.”

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