Nivedita Chakravorty – Social Media Influencer who Upholds Social Issues

Nivedita Chakravorty – Social Media Influencer who Upholds Social Issues

Nivedita Chakravorty is an award-winning Hindi writer, author of the book “Mere Hisse Ke Noor”, a social worker and a prominent social media influencer in the domain of literature.

National newspapers like Navbharat Times were already publishing her work by the age of 14 years. Nivedita Chakravorty received appreciation from poets spread across the country. She heartily recalls an army officer from the border writing back to one of her poems.

Her father had a lot to do with kindling an inspiration for writing within her. Being a talented poet and thinker himself, he would bring her plenty of riveting books about freedom fighters and valorous women. The Indian social media Influencer still imbues the boldness and virtue she gathered from those stories.

Nivedita Chakravorty left her stable corporate career to pursue her passion of serving the society. Since childhood she wanted to become a nun like Mother Teresa and serve humankind. Then, life happened. However, her zeal to devote her life for human development didn’t fade. She joined Robin Hood Army (RHA) as an active volunteer and taught students in government schools and slums. Soon she decided to exercise her management & leadership skills and her hindi literature knowledge to form a free spirited literature community. 

Entering the literary world in all her entirety in 2019, the poet attended numerous poetry sessions and even appeared as a chief-guest for a few. Recently, she gave a biographical interview at All India Radio Delhi in 2019. 

An artist always sees the necessity for art as something bigger than herself. Nivedita Chakravorty recognizes the value of collective growth. The writer established a literature community called “Anugoonj” in 2019. The Anugoonj Literature Community managed by her organizes events on social issues and marks significant days such as World No Tobacco Day, World Environment Day , Independence Day, Kargil Vijay Diwas etc. The idea behind organizing such events is to invigorate writers to voice the social causes and spread awareness to help humankind. Nivedita Chakravorty as a social media influencer herself did live-events to spread awareness on World Environment Day, International Tiger Day and Mother Teresa’s Birthday. 

Nivedita Chakravorty has 14,800+ active followers in her Facebook Page with a monthly unique reach of over 10 Lakh people.

The Hindi Author compiled the best of her verses from childhood to the current age, and published “Mere Hisse Ke Noor”- a poetry book which her readers had been yearning for since years. It has 145 treasured poems and 36 verses. The words in this book are known to evoke strong emotions among readers every now and then. The first half of the collection consists of chronological poems from childhood up till 25 years of age. She has called it “Ujli Subha ke Noor”. The second half comprises poems written by her in the years after 25, up until recently, and is referred to as “Tapti Dopahar ke Noor”. The objective behind diverging the book into two parts was to emphasize how the poems evolved through life experiences along with her personality. The usual subjects of the poet’s work include social issues, ironies of life and universal human emotions like love, anger, hope and grief.

The Indian author has brought sprinkles of hope and a clearer sense of conscience to her readers and listeners amidst the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic. Nivedita Chakravorty is regularly sharing motivational videos of herself discussing life goals, core values of life, the element of life, etc. Furthermore, she has contributed responsible articles on topics like Environment, Anti-tobacco and Save Tigers to well read Hindi blogs. 

Nivedita Chakravorty embodies a perfect blend of literature and service. Her journey is one of quiet perseverance, as she gradually unfurled her existence towards her passions, keeping them firm. A key message the Indian Social Media Influencer gives to all her fellow writers is-

“As writers, it is our responsibility that we bring essential issues of the world to the surface and make people think.”

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