Rumi Munawar

Ten Questions with Rumi Munawar

Rumi is one of the most know faces in the UAE with over 900K followers on Tiktok and 44k fans on Instagram.
A pretty soul who was Awarded with the BEST SOUTH ASIAN MODEL UAE 2018.
Hands down She’s Pretty and Beautiful and loves to work with talented people.
People who know her personally know her for fun and happy go lucky nature.
She loves to call her self a cocktail because her ancestors are from India and her nationality is Pakistani wherein she’s born and raised in UAE.
She’s a Brand Ambassador Bwl Bestworldlifestyle & DR’s Secret Official.

1: Describe Rumi ?
Someone who thinks of herself of being very ordinary with extraordinary goals.

2: What is the best thing about being an influencer?
You get to meet so many people – people look up to you and want to follow your foot steps – with emerging times like these right now – being an influencer is more of an occupation that teaches you patience and social awareness – round the clock everyday!

3: What is the worst thing about being an influencer?
You have to be very careful of your words – anything said or communicated wrongly can effect your image negatively.

4: What is the best collaboration that you have done with a brand?
I have done a lot of collabs and each brought with it beautiful memories and experiences – the best one was for Manish Malhotra – my favourite designer

5: What would you do if you didn’t work as an influencer?
Im already working for a telco – and if i had a chance i would want to grow my expertise in Social Media Marketing.

6: What was your journey like to becoming an Influencer & Model?
It has been amazing – i just tried it as a hobby and i never knew i could make it so far – sometimes we lose confidence and underestimate or abilities and i guess social media has power to boost your confidence and express yourself – im lovin it

7: If you got an offer from Bollywood or Lollywood? What will be your take on it? 
I have certain boundaries i would always adhere on taking a role – if the opportunity is larger than life i will definitely look upto it otherwise im satisfied with what life has offered to me till now.

8: Fashion to you is? 
What you wear – is fashion

9: What kind of a Man do you look for to spend your life with?
Someone who knows how to deal with my mood swings is goal oriented and has nothing to do with social media. 

10: Whats your future plans in regards to your career?
I just want to continue at the same pace – slow and steady – until the day comes that my name becomes a brand.

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