Travel & Lifestyle Influencer Irfan Siddique Shares His Thoughts On Content Creation During Covid-19

Irfan Siddique, the force behind the Travel & Lifestyle Instagram account “IrfanSiddiqueOfficial” @irfansidddiqueofficial is enjoying his dual life as a working professional and Influencer. By fulfilling both these roles, he sets an example for ambitious and successful Influencers all over India. A man of mixed backgrounds, Irfan has a strong ability to connect with a larger audience with his content.

Irfan mentions continuous persistence as the reason of his success in this industry. I have put a lot of hard work and efforts into my content that gets shared on multiple platforms.” 

He also mentions that “Most Influencer will make the silly mistake of following the herd and doing things that will make them look amazing and desirable to the audience on social media. But I believe, in the long run, you lose ground to Influencers who are authentic and display their true selves in front of their audience. They do what they believe and hence people will keep following them.”

Over the years, Irfan has worked with more than 200+ brands with major names such as Nissan India, US Polo, Godrej, Levis, Titan, ITC Hotels, and many more. That’s not all. He loves his travel and has so far covered 14 cities in India and 5 countries abroad. He recently collaborated with ace Chef Ranveer Brar for his TV Show. 

After gaining 100,000 followers on Instagram, Irfan believes he has just created a personal brand for himself by providing value to his followers through his content.

On the professional front, Irfan is a software tester. He likes his job as much as he likes creating content. By finding the right work life balance, it allows him to give ample time to both fields and be effective every day.

He knows how COVID-19 has impacted the digital market industry. This is what he wants new age Influencers to know – “Times are indeed not that great. But this is temporary. We will restart soon and hence you must be prepared for that day. Use this extra time to create good content. Plan what you wish to create for your audience and you will reap the benefits later”.

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