Zoom Makeup Session with Aisha Khan

Zoom Makeup Session with Aisha Khan

Zoom Makeup Session with Aisha Khan was held on Saturday 20th June 2020, organized by Maria Kazi in association with Mour Media FZE LLC and The Black Fox. 

The idea was to help out people who are keen on learning makeup and become a pro with the help of these online sessions, where we taught the techniques and science of becoming a PRO makeup up. I am so happy to say that this session was truly a success and it was all possible because of our super talented Makeup Artist and a Lifestyle influencer “Aisha Khan” @eshu.khan 

Zoom Makeup Session with Aisha Khan

We will be organizing such session every week with different artists who can help our candidates to learn better and unique way of becoming a PRO Makeup Artist. We certified each participated candidate for their participation and support to make it a huge success. 

Here are some feedbacks from our participated candidates.

  • Jagriti (@ms.jagriti) “I found the session was great. For me eyelash and contouring tip was the best part of the session as I always stuck in this part whenever I do my own makeup. I felt very connective with the session. Tip for making eyes look big was also very cool. Overall the session was very informative for me. Thanks!”
  • Rasha Althaf (@rasha._.althaf) “The thing i loved most about the session is that we could simultaneously follow up with aisha , at the end of the session she cleared all our doubts and questions. It was very beginner-friendly and the little hacks she had given were very helpful❤😍”
  • Marzia (@alia_queen1435) “I really love the session and eagerly waiting for the next session … thankyou so much gorgeous aisha mam anad maria mam .. and please let me know abt the next session .. will love to join. Amazing tips and tricks..❤️❤️❤️ thankyou again😍🤗
  • Nawal Balushi (@ “I’m so glad that I had this makeup session…thank you so much for all your help towards us….thnx for all the new tips nd tricks thank you aisha nd maria alot 😘”
  • Rafiya Qureshi (@miisswoow158) “Hello! I wanted to Thank you’ll for giving us this amazing opportunity to attend the beginners makeup course. The session was fun and interactive and all the little tricks were very helpful as well. The look created by Eshu was beautiful. Also the products that she had suggested are reasonable and easy to get. Looking forward for more such sessions. Loads of love ❤️”

Links :

Aisha Khan : https://www.instagram.com/eshu.khan/

Maria Kazi : https://www.instagram.com/mariamubinmaisha/

Mour Media : https://www.instagram.com/mourmedia/

The Black Fox : https://www.instagram.com/theblackfoxuae/